Suspicion was raised that Kwon Jin-young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, bought a luxury apartment with billions of won borrowed from singer Lee Seung-gi.

Regarding this, CEO Kwon denied that it was not true.

Recently, Lee Seung-gi claimed that he did not receive a single penny of music revenue from Hook Entertainment (hereafter referred to as Hook Enter), and while the wave spread, a report that Lee Seung-gi lent 4.725 billion won to Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon for 7 years without interest. came out

According to Hook Entertainment's audit report, CEO Kwon also recorded the money borrowed from Lee Seung-gi as "short-term borrowings."

In the process, it was revealed that in May 2016, CEO Kwon purchased a 74-pyeong apartment in Hannam-dong, a luxury apartment in Hannam-dong, for 3.4 billion won in full cash without a loan. Suspicion was raised

Hannam The Hill is currently trading at around 7 billion won, and there is also an analysis that CEO Kwon earned 2.6 billion won in capital gains in six years of purchase.

Regarding this, Hook Entertainment said, "It has nothing to do with Lee Seung-gi."

Previously, Hook Entertainment said, “In the process of renewing the exclusive contract last year, we wrote an agreement to settle and confirm the debt relationship. denied about

(Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon of SBS Entertainment News)