The older ones among you will still remember: The youth magazine “Bravo” started the highly successful “Starschnitt” section as early as 1959, which featured one or two pages a week with a photo excerpt to tear out.

When fully collected and glued together, these pages resulted in the life-size poster of a more or less prominent person.

You can now do something like this yourself without a youth magazine - with the website, which, despite its perhaps somewhat offensive-sounding name, is completely suitable for use by young people.

Click "Create your poster" and away you go.

First you need to upload an image file from your computer, alternatively you can enter a URL to use an image from the web.

Next you can enter various parameters related to your printer and paper.

The selected image can be rasterized in DIN A4, DIN A3 or other sizes.

In the next step you can add effects.

You can then specify the color scheme according to which the image should be screened.

In the penultimate, fifth step, you can carry out further fine-tuning - at the beginning it is advisable to accept the default settings first.

When you have done all this, you will receive a PDF with many pages that you have to print out and glue together properly - done.

If you like, you can then make a small donation to the operators of the website via Paypal.

Have fun!

Now our question:

In which year was there a creature cut out of the "Bravo" star cut that was neither human nor animal?

Please send your solution proposal to the e-mail address

The closing date for entries is November 30, 2022, 9 p.m.

We are giving away an e-book voucher worth 25 euros.

Winners will be notified in writing.

The solution to the riddle of the week before last was "pareidolia".