[Explanation] Advanced customization, referred to as high-end customization, is a very popular industry in recent years. It is unique and expresses individuality. Making yourself different has become the reason why many people pursue high-end customization.

Wen Yaqian is a haute couture designer who has been working for more than ten years.

Recently, she accepted a reporter's interview in her high-end park, revealing the secrets of high-definition, but also about her ten-year high-definition entrepreneurial experience.

  [Explanation] In 2013, Wen Yaqian made a bold decision.

Resigned as a clothing brand designer, returned to his hometown of Shenyang to start a business, and opened a high-end clothing studio.

At that time, few people knew about this industry, and the customer base was even more niche.

Wen Yaqian rose rapidly relying on her good reputation.

  [Same period] Wen Yaqian, director of high-end clothing

  How to make customers recognize you requires us to do a lot of work.

The usual product updates, whether it is frequent sample shots, or we often make some new designs, then you must continue to share this on your platform.

Present new things, so that everyone will always pay attention to you, have such an expectation of you, and customers can recognize you more.

  [Explanation] When talking about haute couture, what is absolutely inseparable is the customers who choose haute couture.

Wen Yaqian said frankly that people who choose haute couture will have their own unique needs. What I do is to visualize the customer's ideas, and then use my own experience, aesthetic foundation, and cultural heritage to make clothing out of it.

But this process is not easy.

  [Same period] Wen Yaqian, director of high-end clothing

  Because as long as it is a custom-made person, he must have his own ideas, he must have, but he does not know whether his ideas are practical, and only after the designer redesigns, and then combines his ideas, can he produce something that belongs to him .

It (couture) has a specific occasion, whether it is suitable, our guest, right.

Whether it is suitable for this scene, whether it is suitable for the theme of this activity, there are many things in it.

  [Explanation] With the continuous development of Wen Yaqian in the high-end industry, she found that the needs of customers are also increasing, from a single high-end clothing to high-end fashion, and then more and more customers are interested in venue activities. High-definition lifestyle, high-definition demand is more and more extensive, so Wen Yaqian joined forces with surrounding partners to set up an integrated high-definition park, from a high-definition designer to a Senior manager.

While upgrading the product, it also shoulders more responsibilities and pressure.

  [Same period] Wen Yaqian, director of high-end clothing

  At that time, I also felt that our business was a bit introverted.

For example, we can no longer go to the same small studios with low threshold.

So we have to improve our quality.

Then as we grow older, we will also have some requirements for our own career, new requirements.

Need to go to a higher level.

Then based on our experience, based on our experience, based on our aesthetics, and the entire social resource, it is a match of these customer resources, and the degree of matching is an inevitable path to take.

  [Explanation] Ten years later, Wen Yaqian has grown from a literary girl to a manager who controls the overall situation. The concept of perfect customer self-expression has not changed.

Looking back on the past, Wen Yaqian is full of gratitude, gratitude for her persistence, and gratitude for the support of the people around her.

  [Same period] Wen Yaqian, director of high-end clothing

  The past ten years have not been easy. From the perspective of realizing this dream, we have actually invested a lot of money. Whether this investment can be earned back is actually unknown. In fact, this is risky.

In fact, sticking to your dreams also requires a huge cost. How to persevere, continue, and do what you want to do is very difficult.

  Reported by Yu Ruizhai and Liu Siqi from Shenyang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]