Group Forestella Go Woo-rim, who married figure skating queen Yuna Kim last month, revealed a glimpse of her newlywed life.

Forestella Go Woo-rim, who appeared on KBS 2TV's 'Immortal Song', which aired on the 26th, said, "Yuna Kim also knows Forestella's performance." '' Undefeated Myth, I'm always interested in the record of the War of Kings."

Forestella members vividly conveyed their surprise when Go Woo-rim revealed that she was in love with Yuna Kim, giving them a laugh.

Kang Hyeong-ho said, "I was very surprised to hear that they were in a relationship rather than married. I showed her a picture of her hands folded, and I was surprised and just slapped her."

Bae Doo-hoon said about the wedding of the two, "It felt like a family getting married. The feelings were strange."

To this, Go Woo-rim replied, "The members had a lot of trouble meeting the guests at the wedding."

When asked if they ate together on the day of the recording, Go Woo-rim said, "I had a schedule early this morning, and Yu-na Kim also had work, so I couldn't eat breakfast." The fragrant honeymoon life was slightly revealed.

Go Woo-rim and Kim Yuna became a couple on the 22nd of last month.

(Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon of SBS Entertainment News)