Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress attended the ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scout Federation of Japan.

About 600 people attended the ceremony held in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, and the Emperor, who attended with the Empress, delivered a speech.

In it, he touched on his first participation in a Boy Scout camp held in Shizuoka Prefecture 44 years ago in 1978, saying, "Scouts actively participate in various activities, I also felt that he was very reliable as he worked hard to become a good member of society while building friendships with scouts from around the world."

After the ceremony, Their Majesties met with six high school scouts and said, "I want you to tell your juniors about your activities and do your best."

A member who camped with the Emperor in Miyagi Prefecture 40 years ago also participated, saying, "Today, I still wear the 'Honorary Fuji Scout Badge' given by the members at the time when the Emperor's accession to the throne was decided. I was told, 'How are you?'

His Majesty the Emperor tends to be a little concerned about the numbers related to the prostate, and although there were no findings of particular concern in the MRI examination he received on the 6th of this month, he will undergo a detailed tissue examination later this month just in case. I'm here.