China News Service, November 27. According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a yellow cold wave warning at 06:00 on November 27: From November 27 to 30, the cold wave weather will affect most of my country from west to east, causing severe cooling , strong winds, dust and large-scale rain and snow weather.

The temperature in most parts of northern my country and central and eastern China will drop by 10-16°C successively, and the temperature drop in some areas can reach more than 18°C, accompanied by northerly winds of magnitude 4-6, gusts of magnitude 7-9, and local magnitudes above 10; There are sand and dust weather in eastern Xinjiang and the southern Xinjiang Basin, western Gansu, and central and western Inner Mongolia. After the cold wave cools down, the lowest temperature line of 0°C from December 1 to 2 will press southward to the northern Jiangnan to southern Guizhou.

  It is estimated that from 08:00 on November 27 to 08:00 on November 29, the temperature in most of Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, most of Inner Mongolia, and Shanxi will drop by 8-12°C. The temperature in the west and other places will drop by 14-18°C, and the local area can reach above 20°C; the above-mentioned areas will have northerly winds of magnitude 5-7, gusts of magnitude 8-10, and winds of magnitude 12-13 in Xinjiang Mountain Pass.

  Defense Guidelines:

  1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in cold wave prevention according to their duties;

  2. Pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm, and take good care of the old, weak and sick;

  3. Take cold protection measures for livestock, poultry, tropical and subtropical fruits, related aquatic products, and crops;

  4. Do a good job of wind protection.