A meeting was held on the 26th to report on efforts to improve the facility for the mentally disabled, "Nakai Yamayuri En" in Kanagawa Prefecture, where acts that are considered to be abuses by staff have been confirmed one after another.

A debriefing session was held at a hall in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture, attended by 70 people, including welfare workers from within the prefecture.

At Nakai Yamayuri En, a prefectural facility for the mentally handicapped, a prefectural investigative committee compiled a report in September that confirmed 25 cases of suspected abuse, such as hitting users. increase.

Nearly half of the staff members are believed to have been involved, and the prefecture has been dispatching outside experts as advisors since April to make improvements.

At the debriefing session, director Daishi Sugano showed a photo of the facility's former condition and said, "I had the misunderstanding that the facility was only accepting people with severe disabilities who had no place to go, and that it was fulfilling its role. I can't apologize even if I apologize."

Then, after receiving advice from outside, we increased the opportunities for users to experience various things such as mowing the grass outside. was explaining.

Director Sugano said, "Over the past half a year, I feel that the staff has changed the way they treat each user by carefully watching each user. I would like to continue to work hard to prevent recurrence." .