China News Service, Kunming, November 26th (Xiong Jiaxin) "Yunnan folk songs originate from the life and work of various ethnic groups, and are full of nostalgia for nature and the earth. Their original tunes and singing voices need to be fully protected. Through performances, Teaching and other means to achieve dynamic inheritance." Recently, He Yanli, a national first-class actress of the Naxi nationality, accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from, sharing the road of "passing the torch" of Yunnan folk songs that she witnessed and participated in.

  He Yanli was born in Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, the only Naxi Autonomous County in China, and grew up singing Naxi folk songs.

She introduced that the Naxi folk songs are diverse, rich in content, and characterized by reserved and introverted emotional expression. They are widely spread among the people and reflect the lives of the Naxi people in different periods.

  In 2000, Hu Songhua, a famous singing artist and songwriter, established the "Hu Songhua Art Research Laboratory" to carry out voluntary music lectures in Lijiang, Diqing and other places in Yunnan and select seed students. He Yanli was selected to study in Zhuhai with her talent, and she was also selected Later husband Gesang Dundup.

The picture shows and gorgeous.

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  "That was the most precious experience in my life. It was music that changed my life." He Yanli recalled that there were more than ten students in the same group as her, including Tibetan, Yi, Wa and other students. Take root in the frontier and preserve the originality" as the teaching policy, strictly teach, teach them scientific voice methods, and at the same time carry forward the unique national style.

  He Yanli believes that at present, the inheritance of Yunnan's original ecological folk songs has a contradiction of "not being in line" to a certain extent.

On the one hand, many talented and potential folk song inheritors have little opportunity to receive formal music education and go to the stage in remote areas; Teaching methods are also difficult to achieve inheritance protection.

  For this reason, He Yanli and her husband Gesang Dunzhu established a national music inheritance and development studio in 2018, and selected students from Yunnan Vocational College of Culture and Art to carry out long-term free teaching, with the aim of inheriting strong ethnic styles, continuing ethnic characteristics, and caring for ethnic aesthetics. The important concept is to explore the unique artistic personality and artistic potential of each student, and to explore the talent training method of national music culture inheritance with both original ecology and "class class".

  At the same time, He Yanli and his wife also took their students into many places in Yunnan to find folk artists, and taught them to collect and organize folk songs in a professional way and conduct music theory research.

She said: "The protection situation of Yunnan folk songs is not optimistic. Carrying out 'rescue' protection requires more people, especially young people, to participate and maintain vitality in inheritance, teaching, and performances."

  At 17:00 on the 26th, He Yanli will be in the "Fifth Folk Song Grand View·Flying Seagulls Where Colorful Clouds Fly - Yunnan Native Classical Folk Music Sharing Session" sponsored by China News Network, Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and China News Agency Yunnan Branch She sang "Old Ancient Songs", which combines traditional Naxi music and bel canto, and she hopes that through this sharing session, more people will be attracted to Yunnan folk songs that are constantly advancing in the passing of the torch.