As he wrote in his Telegram, it is expected that by the upcoming Tuesday, the pressure will peak and rise to 765 mmHg.

“Moscow is climbing a baric mountain.

In contrast to cloudy and wet weather, the atmospheric pressure in Moscow is significantly higher than the norm.

Today, by noon, it has risen to 760.6 mm Hg, which is 13-15 units above the norm, ”Leus said.

According to him, the further development of atmospheric processes in the central regions of the European part of Russia promises an increase in the influence of the anticyclone from the northeast, and then from the east, and a further increase in barometer readings.

At the same time, Leus noted that atmospheric pressure will reach its peak this coming Tuesday, when barometer readings will rise to 765 mm Hg, which is 17-19 units above the norm.

At the same time, by the end of the working week, pressure is expected to decrease.

Earlier, the head of the Meteo prognostic center, Alexander Shuvalov, said that frosty weather in Moscow would continue, and frosts would intensify next week.