The tragic death of Bruce Lee could have been caused by his excessive consumption… of water!

In any case, this is the postulate put forward by a recent study published in the

Clinical Kidney Journal


Until now, it was thought that the cerebral edema which caused the death of the martial arts film star in 1973 - when he was only 32 years old - was linked to his consumption of painkillers.

However, according to this new study, the actor would have been the victim of hyponatremia, an electrolyte disorder which results in an excess of water compared to the level of total body sodium.

"In other words, we are suggesting that the inability of Bruce Lee's kidneys to evacuate water killed him," say the scientists.

“In summary, Bruce Lee accumulated the risk factors predisposing to hyponatremia.


"Like Water"

Indeed, still according to this study, Bruce Lee's lifestyle may have precipitated his death.

Not only did the kung fu master consume a lot of fruit juices and protein shakes, but he also smoked a lot of marijuana, which made him all the more thirsty.

Be that as it may, this postulate does not fail to throw a light tinged with irony on the death of Bruce Lee when we know that one of the favorite spiritual precepts was: “Empty your mind;

be without form, like water”.

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