On November 25, Yang Beibei, deputy head of Chaoyang District, Beijing, introduced at a press conference that Chaoyang District will continue to strengthen social prevention and control, further reduce social activities, and reduce commuting rates.

Industry authorities strengthen supervision and inspection, urge market operators to strictly fulfill their responsibilities for prevention and control, and implement detailed prevention and control measures.

Focus on strengthening epidemic prevention management in rural areas.

Over the past few days, the number of cases detected in rural areas of our district has continued to increase. We have further strengthened prevention and control measures, implemented grid management, and dynamically managed personnel accounts; Ensure that "one code per mouth, every entry must be scanned"; tighten and compact the landlord's main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and urge tenants to implement various epidemic prevention measures such as scanning codes for temperature measurement and nucleic acid testing; strengthen the disinfection of public toilets, and timely clear and transport garbage .

  At present, the epidemic situation in Chaoyang District is high and frequent, and the number of new cases is increasing at a high level. The social risk is still high. We need to continue to persist and be firm to let the society continue to slow down.

The masses of Chaoyang are requested to continue to insist on not leaving the community unless necessary, insisting not to gather downstairs in the community, not to have dinner, not to gather, and to participate in the nucleic acid test nearby.

Tomorrow and the weekend of the day after tomorrow, I implore the citizens who slow down to "stay at home", live a simple life, study at home, drink tea, watch football and movies with parents, lovers, and children, and enjoy the warm family time in winter.

(Let Baokui make Yueziyan)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]