It was a day when my body shrank from the suddenly cold air, but the cold air from the north came down and tomorrow (27th) morning, the temperature in most areas will drop below zero.

As you can see, cold wave warnings have been issued throughout the central region, northern Gyeongbuk, and eastern Jeonbuk.

Tomorrow morning in Seoul, the temperature will drop to -1 degree Celsius, Paju -6 degree Celsius, and Daegwallyeong -8 degree Celsius.

But this cold is just a taster.

After a round of rain early next week, a stronger cold wave will come.

Seoul morning temperature On Thursday, the cold will peak at minus 8 degrees.

Tomorrow's daytime temperature will be 11 degrees in Seoul, higher than today, but it will still be chilly, and fog will be thick throughout the inland until morning.

Monday's rain will start in the western area in the morning, but this time it is expected to be quite heavy and strong.

(Nam Yu-jin weather caster)