[Explanation] Recently, Shang Chengxiang's solo exhibition in Shenyang, which collected the essence of ten years, still attracted much attention, and even became one of the must-see check-in spots in Shenyang on many social platforms. People without art foundation can still feel his rich emotions.

When Shang Chengxiang was interviewed by reporters recently, he not only talked about his past ten years, but also revealed his own harvest as an artist under the cultural exchange between East and West.

  [Explanation] In fact, as early as 2012, Shang Chengxiang's works became a blockbuster in Beijing, but he said that at that time, his artistic style was still unclear and his direction was rather confused.

Until 2013, Shang Chengxiang stayed in an art center in Shanghai. During this period, the exchanges between Chinese and foreign artists allowed Shang Chengxiang to determine his direction for the next ten years.

  [Concurrent] Artist Shang Chengxiang

  About 15 of us are residing at the same time, and I am the only Chinese artist among them, and I had a lot of exchanges with them at that time, and during this exchange process, I also felt that painting may slowly come to me It is said that some changes have taken place, and then the series created after that have also changed.

In terms of this idea, some things on the surface have been removed. The things I liked before may be more mechanized, and this kind of large structure.

Later, I gradually hoped to explore some more delicate emotions.

  [Explanation] Shang Chengxiang's works have opened up the international market early. About 80% of his works are collected by overseas collectors, most of whom are European and American collectors. He even opened his own art derivative business in New York.

According to Shang Chengxiang, with the vigorous development of the Chinese art market, it is in line with the international art market.

In recent years, more and more Chinese artists have stepped onto the international stage, and even ancient Chinese artists and works of art have become the trend of the world.

  [Concurrent] Artist Shang Chengxiang

  Especially in recent years, you obviously feel that Chinese artists have greatly improved in the international market and international recognition compared to before.

Many people have already learned about many Chinese artists, including those in China before, that is, ancient Chinese art and traditional Chinese painting, which are also very popular abroad, and in recent years, contemporary art has also emerged internationally. Many.

  [Explanation] This time, Shang Chengxiang, who has participated in the top international exhibitions for a long time, brought the very important ten-year essence summary exhibition back to his hometown Shenyang. Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, which have more developed cultural markets, Shang Chengxiang has held solo exhibitions in the past. , he believes that with the growth of Shenyang's art and cultural industry, the market has become very mature, especially for the space of the art museum and the planning of the curator, he is personally very satisfied.

  [Concurrent] Artist Shang Chengxiang

  I also know the location of Hongmei very well, and I often visit exhibitions. I like the layout of the space very much. I think there are many places that can be used in this space. I have also done a lot of work in the middle, and I am very satisfied with the final effect. of.

  [Explanation] Looking back on the past ten years, Shang Chengxiang feels that this is both a difficult decade and a very important decade.

  [Concurrent] Artist Shang Chengxiang

  For me personally, the past ten years have been a relatively difficult ten years, because you have entered the market after graduation, and gradually become known to everyone. In fact, your creations and changes have all had .

And in recent years, you have to keep thinking about new works and new things, so an artist feels that he stops working all the time.

Your emotions have changed a lot in this decade, but you have to use that emotion.

I think the last ten years is a very good ten years, and it is also a very important ten years for me, and it is a ten years for my art that I can go on firmly.

  Reporter Yu Ruizhai reports from Shenyang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]