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  Every Chinese who lives hard is the most beautiful struggler.

It is precisely because of the hundreds of millions of strugglers that China is today.

Ten years, pay tribute to every one of you who have struggled.

Let us work hard together for the new era, and never slack in the future.

  [Explanation] Ten years ago, a young man came to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient, an international metropolis from the steel capital in the Northeast.

Now in his prime, he returned to his hometown, Liaoning, and stood on the podium to introduce to the guests how Liaoning needs to seize the new opportunities of Hong Kong's development.

In ten years, he has changed from a guy from Northeast China to a new Hong Kong native.

In addition to his job, he also shoulders the responsibility of connecting the two places.

His name is Zhang Yaoyu.

  [Explanation] In 2012, Zhang Yaoyu finished his undergraduate study and was admitted to Hong Kong Baptist University to learn about media management.

Although he was in the Pearl of the Orient at that time, Zhang Yaoyu, who was busy studying two points and one line all day long, did not see the prosperity of this city. Until the end of his studies, he got an internship opportunity as a journalist. Through interviews during the internship, he had a deep understanding of the city. The local society and the prosperity of Hong Kong opened the eyes of this northeast guy.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yaoyu, Vice President of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Liaoning Province

  In fact, this internship is quite important to me. It opened a window for me to get to know Hong Kong in a more comprehensive way.

  [Explanation] Coincidentally, Zhang Yaoyu did not continue to work in the news industry, but started the financial industry. Facing this brand-new field, Zhang Yaoyu started the mode of learning masters, and it took less than a year to pass all the exams at once. Relevant practice certificates, and successfully became a financial practitioner with a certificate.

In the following years, Zhang Yaoyu won the recognition of the people around him with his hard work in Hong Kong, and his career flourished.

At this time, Zhang Yaoyu made an unexpected decision to return to his hometown, Shenyang.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yaoyu, Vice President of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Liaoning Province

  Then why didn't I choose a first-tier city, because I think that if I go to a first-tier city, such as Beijing and Shanghai, it may be the same as when I was in Hong Kong.

Then I also feel that if I learn some things in Hong Kong, I can return to my hometown to make a difference.

  [Explanation] After returning to his hometown, in addition to his own work, Zhang Yaoyu took the initiative to participate in social activities and began to actively help the two places to communicate.

From serving as the vice chairman of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Liaoning Province to being recommended as a member of the Shenyang CPPCC, Zhang Yaoyu's role in communication between Liaoning and Hong Kong businessmen and local circles has been recognized by people.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yaoyu, Vice President of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Liaoning Province

  In fact, I am still more willing to do these connections. I may position myself as a "bridge" or a "middleman".

Because maybe my background was born in Liaoning, and now I belong to Hong Kong. Whether I am a Hong Kong person in Liaoning or a Liaoning person in Hong Kong, I am actually connected to both sides.

  [Explanation] Now, Zhang Yaoyu, who holds several positions, is trying his best to do more facts. He serves as the keynote speaker of the Hong Kong Investment Promotion Seminar, connects Hong Kong businessmen to invest in Liaoning, actively responds to the needs of Hong Kong businessmen, and offers suggestions for the development of Liaoning.

Zhang Yaoyu said that recently he has paid special attention to the communication between young people in the two places.

  Reporter Diao Haiyang and Yu Ruizhai reported from Shenyang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]