"Theatrical Days of Carthage"... 82 works... and a show for prison inmates

The official competition includes 12 performances, including two from Tunisia.


On the third of next December until the tenth of the same month, the twenty-third session of the Carthage Theatrical Days will be launched in Tunisia, with the participation of 82 performances from 23 Arab and foreign countries.

Nissaf Bin Hafsiya, director of the festival, said that what is distinctive about this session is that the performances presented are all recent from this year’s production, and were not used in multiple festivals in the region.

She added, "In addition to theatrical performances, there are seminars and intensive training workshops, including a seminar discussing (prospects for the production and promotion of Arab and African theater), and another entitled (Moliere in the mirror of Arab and African theater)."

The director of the festival indicated that the general economic situation forced the organizers to rationalize the budget, which led to a reduction in the number of days of the festival without prejudice to its main components and sections.

The participating performances are divided into eight sections, including official competition performances, world theater, children's theater, school and hobby theater, street performances, and freedom theater that is presented to prison inmates.

The official competition includes 12 performances, including two from Tunisia, namely (Light) by Taher Issa bin Al-Arabi and (Tayhoun) by Nizar Al-Saidi, with performances from Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal.

In this session, the festival honors a number of Tunisian theatrical icons, including Aladdin Ayoub, Salwa Muhammad, Muhammad Al-Yangi, Muhammad Al-Awni and Fatima bin Saidan.

Outside Tunisia, actress Suhair Al Morshedi from Egypt, actor Ayman Zidan from Syria, theater researcher Qassem Bayatli from Iraq, and playwright Habib Dembele from Mali are also honored.

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