November 25, 2022

Zayn Malik pays tribute to Jimi Hendrix on what would have been his 80th birthday by covering his hit “Angel”…

Jimi Hendrix would have been 80 years old on November 27.

To pay tribute to the genius of the electric guitar who died at the age of 27 on September 18, 1970, Zayn Malik wanted to pay him a musical tribute.

This Friday he released


, a cover of the song which Hendrix recorded a few months before his death and which was released as part of the posthumous LP

The Cry of Love


On this piece, which opens with the characteristic guitar of Jimi Hendrix, Zayn Malik poses his voice with talent.

It was Experience Hendrix, which manages the musician's estate, which invited the British artist to try this daring mix, reports

Rolling Stone


“We are happy that Zayn was inspired by the original music of Jimi Hendrix's Angel in his recording of the song.

We hope this take on a Hendrix classic will enlighten a new generation of listeners to Jimi's genius and further propel his continuing legacy,” Experience Hendrix reported.

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Noah Schnapp (“Stranger Things”) launches crowdfunding to develop… a vegetarian alternative to Nutella

Noah Schnapp discovered to his great surprise that the spread he consumed was not virtuous for the planet or for health.

With a few people, he started in the last year to create a company, TBH (to be honest) which manufactures chocolate and hazelnut spread of good quality, vegan, without palm oil and two times less sweet than the classic equivalents.

Having discovered that militant action can also go through money, Noah Schnapp decided to rely on a Republic crowdfunding platform to develop new projects.

But for the young man, who began studying entrepreneurship at the School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania at the start of the school year, the objective is above all to bring about a new generation of ethically conscious investors.

It is for this reason that the entrance ticket (41 euros) is particularly low.

"I think value-aligned investing is more important than just focusing on sustainability, because I truly believe we can vote with our dollars," he told Page Six.


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