His arrival scheduled for December 16 in Lyon is postponed.

The T-Rex Ryker, which was to be exhibited for a year at the Musée des Confluences, will not come up on the scheduled date.

When will he land between Rhône and Saône?

No details were provided by the establishment.

The reasons for this setback remain obscure.

The establishment is awaiting results "on the scientific rigor of the specimen", he specifies at

20 Minutes

, without wanting to go into details for the moment.

From there to think that the animal would be a nice impostor or that the museum would have been deceived on the animal?

Doubt is allowed even if things are not said clearly.

Additional research in progress

"Since its opening in December 2014, the Musée des Confluences has always defended, among its priorities, scientific rigor, respect for its audiences and the quality of its exhibitions", indicates the establishment, adding that "this delay must allow the museum to ensure that Ryker's presentation responds" to its "values" and "ethics".

Unearthed in the United States in the Montana region, the dinosaur was presented as "a specimen of the first order in science", being "the fourth most important tyrannosaurus-rex ever discovered in the world" with a complete skeleton at 73% .

The Musée des Confluences specifies that additional research is underway and promises to communicate in more detail when the results are known.


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