The statue of Napoleon in the eponymous square in Maisons-Laffitte (Yvelines) had been vandalized nearly 50 years ago.

After being found in pieces, it was finally able to be restored.

Back in its original location, it will be inaugurated on December 2, the date of the victory of Austerlitz, reports 78 Actu.

This terracotta representation of the Emperor Napoleon was a gift from banker Édouard Naud to the town in 1863. It resembles the bronze statue in Place Vendôme.

In 1973, individuals dropped it, imagining it possibly made of the same alloy.

The pieces of the broken artwork then disappeared.

The remains of the statue were finally discovered in 2019. A first attempt at restoration took place, without success.

The municipality then entrusted the task to Claire Dard-Ternisien, who managed to piece together the puzzle.

Certain elements of the face, however, had to be recreated.

This restoration supported by the DRAC "enhances the city" of Maisons-Laffitte, commented Mayor LR Jacques Myard.


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