"We had tears in our eyes."

Photographer Jérémy Voirin is not ready to forget November 19, 2022. That day, he went with a friend near the Rocher du Cougne, in Savoie, and immortalized a moment as magical as it is rare: the encounter of a wolf and a deer.

“It's a dream come true.

This is what any animal photographer is looking for, ”he told the

Dauphiné Libéré


"The most incredible shot I've taken"

On his Instagram account, he explains that he had been looking for ten years to take a picture of a wolf.

"The wolf with a deer as a bonus in the same photo, I even shed a tear," he admits in commentary on the famous shot.

Jérémy Voirin managed to capture the moment when the stag stops to scrutinize the wolf a few meters from him.

" It was crazy.

Emotionally, it is certainly the most incredible shot I have taken, ”he explains on a daily basis.


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