There is something new at the Ecole Normale Supérieure.

The establishment has indeed confirmed that a series of conferences on the theme of Beyoncé will be offered to students.

The seminar bears the catchy title of "Beyoncé: shades of a cultural icon", and according to the site of the prestigious school, it is a question of "reflecting on the notions of culture and representativeness".

These sessions are based on "the figure of Beyoncé, a global pop icon, to address some of the essential themes of the contemporary world that French-speaking university research is beginning to grasp, beyond the Anglo-Saxon area".

The first conference, "Beyoncé: recoveries and reappropriations", is scheduled for Thursday, November 24 at 7:30 p.m., with the philosopher Richard Mèmeteau, specialist in pop culture.

“Aware of its bold and innovative character, the seminar offers itself as a humble and non-exhaustive opening to central questions of the current world, as rich as they are complex, in particular in their reception or their political anchoring (Afro-feminism, intersectionality, gender studies , cultural studies, postcolonial studies, etc.)”, can we also read in a press release from the ENS.

Not for everybody

Suffice to say that the enemies of "wokism" will probably stay away from these classes.

In total, six very specific conferences will therefore be organized by February 2023, the ENS ensuring that "the meetings and conversations are intended to be inclusive and rigorous in the representation of speeches and points of view".

Beyoncé made her big comeback last summer with


, her new opus, which in addition to being a hit, has established itself as the anthem of the "Great Resignation", this movement for the departure of employees in the United States ( and in France).


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