According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the decreasing trend in reported corona cases in Germany has continued.

Nationwide, the seven-day incidence last week fell again by 17 percent compared to the week before, according to the RKI weekly report on the development of the corona pandemic on Thursday evening.

Most results refer to the past week.

The highest incidences were therefore people over 90 years of age, for whom the smallest decrease in incidence values ​​was noted since the week before.

The number of hospital treatments for Covid-19 also continued to fall, according to the report.

Accordingly, fewer seriously ill people were treated with the virus in the intensive care units in the country.

The RKI also reports a decrease in outbreaks in old people's and nursing homes.

The decline in the number of cases has been apparent since mid-October, it said.

In the coming weeks, however, a high number of respiratory diseases can generally be expected due to seasonal factors, it was also said.

"In particular, the positive rate and the number of illnesses caused by influenza show a clearly increasing trend. In addition, RSV infections lead to illnesses and hospital admissions, especially in small children."