“I tried the Sciences po competition, which I failed.

I tried the one at the Conservatory, which I failed three times!

I tried that of the Fémis, I also missed it ”… Screenwriter, author and actress, Lison Daniel evokes the failures she experienced before finding success on Instagram thanks to her humorous web-series Les Caractères.

“When you fail, you feel like you're only defined by the failure.

While overall, no one cares, laughs the young woman.

Not to mention that it can be positive: for example, I launched my series the day after my failure at La Fémis.


A sluggish success

Characters is a series of crazy portraits created by chance, "starting to have fun with Snapchat filters", recalls Lison Daniel.

The success, however, was not immediate.

“It took three years before the account was really noticed and I started working on it.

But at least I found my path.

So it was really important in my career to fail.



Lison Daniel's characters can be found in the book

Les Caractères

published by Grasset.

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