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Jin, 29, the oldest member of South Korean group BTS, will begin his military service on December 13, media reported.

A requirement in the country for all South Korean men under 30.

On the fan side, the news made a lot of noise, especially since the singer should be on the "front line".

Jin, the oldest of seven BTS stars, will begin his military service in South Korea on December 13 and become the first member of the legendary K-pop boy band to serve as the law of his country. requires it, media reported Thursday.

All South Korean men under the age of 30 must perform compulsory military service for about two years, mainly due to the threat from North Korea.

And Jin, who at 29 is the oldest of the seven BTS, is approaching the deadline.

Affected in "front line"

According to the Yonhap agency, which cites military sources, he will be incorporated on December 13 and will complete his compulsory five-week classes in Yeoncheon, near Seoul, before being assigned to "a frontline unit".

The singer had already hinted on social networks that he would be assigned to the "front line", that is to say probably near the border with North Korea.

The news had shocked BTS fans.

“My heart literally broke when I read that he was going to be sent to the front line,” one user tweeted.

"Why the front line?? Why??"

"I can't help but think they're sending him to the hardest and scariest place to punish him," another commented.

Members will be able to continue their concerts during their military service

A debate has long raged in South Korea over whether or not to grant the group exemptions from military service, given its contribution to the country's economy and cultural outreach.

These exemptions are already granted to Olympic medalists and high-level classical musicians, among others. 

The BTS agent previously announced last month that the group members will do their military service well.

In August, the Ministry of Defense clarified that the seven boys could continue to play and perform on stage during their presence in the army.