The place is inspired by the experiment carried out since 2016 at the Saint-Denis hospital center.

In September, a women's center will open its doors on the forecourt of the Sud hospital in Rennes.

Initiated by the city, the CHU and the Asfad association, the project aims to offer a place of welcome, listening and care to the too many women who are victims of violence.

In the Breton capital, many structures are already at their bedside.

But there was a lack of a more visible place to offer “a facilitated, global and seamless journey” to these women who have been harassed, abused or raped.

In this future cocoon, open to all, they will be able to be medically taken care of with the presence of gynecologists, general practitioners, midwives or psychologists.

A place to live and rest but no accommodation

The approach will also be multidisciplinary with the presence of social workers or legal professionals to "offer the most relevant support possible", specifies Christiane Guillouzo, president of Asfad.

Living and rest areas will also be set up to allow these women to drop off their belongings, wash their clothes or cook their meals.

Unlike other places, the future women's house will not offer accommodation and will only be open during the day.

Its installation at the South Hospital will be temporary because it will move in a few years to the CHU Pontchaillou site which is currently undergoing restructuring.


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