On the occasion of the international day for the fight against violence against women this Friday, the High Authority for Health (HAS) will deploy a tool to help identify domestic violence at the national level.

This tool is intended for general practitioners.

This is to encourage them "to systematically question all their patients about the existence of domestic violence, current or past", specifies the press release published this Wednesday by the HAS.

The HAS relied on alarming figures, showing the lack of prevention and detection of domestic violence within GP surgeries.

"Only 3% of women who have consulted a general practitioner in the last 18 months remember having been questioned on this subject", according to a study carried out by the BVA institute.

However, “undetected violence has consequences on physical and mental health and generally becomes more frequent and severe over time, to the point of representing a vital risk”, recalls the HAS.

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On 1 page, the general practitioner will find:

▪ reminders on the importance of screening

▪ practical advice on how to approach the subject

▪ useful contact details and resources to guide patients https://t.co/zgIRZy9OOg

– High Authority for Health (@HAS_sante) November 23, 2022

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Experimentation with volunteer doctors

The practical sheet, widely distributed with the support of Health Insurance, has been tested with 1,153 volunteer practitioners.

This one-page document states “Why screen?

When and how to test?

What to do in case of violence?


It points to “the merits of screening”, gives practical advice on how to approach the subject with the patient, and mentions “contact details and useful resources.


In 2021, 122 feminicides were recorded by police services and gendarmerie units.

Since the beginning of the year, we are already approaching this figure according to the count of the association We All.

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