Pierre Rigaux is a naturalist and anti-hunting activist.

For Brut, he talks with Ximun Denis and some of his wood pigeon hunting colleagues (also called wood pigeon) in the Basque Country.

The issue of “callers”

“When I go to Barcelona or Paris, I see these pigeons everywhere, says the hunter, as if to justify his practice.

So of course, I use a decoy [a domesticated pigeon to attract its congeners].

But for me, it's like my dog.

The naturalist, he finds "a little strange to keep animals in captivity when they would rather fly than attract other pigeons who are killed in front of them".


“Death is part of life,” continues Ximun Denis.

I practice a hunting of work, technique, passion.

We have to let that go on.

France is lost by opposing it.

Well, that's my feeling.

" To which Pierre Rigaux retorts: " We are in an extremely strong form of cruelty, under cover of the sympathetic aspect of the hunters who say they are having a good time.

They could have a good time in my opinion just going to observe the migration.



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