A maggot in the pasta, flies in the rice and even… a piece of syringe in the meat.

Here is what students from the Louis-Pasteur high school, in Lempdes (Puy-de-Dôme), would have discovered on their plates last Friday.

The management of the establishment confirmed the information to

La Montagne


said it immediately contacted its suppliers for an explanation.

An invasion of flies

The syringe "would come from an injection made on the animal and part of which would have remained in a muscle".

For the flies, the headmaster Isabelle Plassais admitted facing an invasion.

The mystery remains, however, as to the presence of a maggot in a pasta dish.

The supplier had not yet responded to the school on Wednesday.

No student was poisoned.

"What happened is quite exceptional," says Isabelle Plassais.

The Regional Council, in charge of the management of high schools, for its part, declared that “all the measures were taken by the high school”.

Miscellaneous facts

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