[Explanation] In the just-concluded 2022 WorldSkills Competition Special Competition in Finland, 23-year-old Chongqing native Wang Pei won the gold medal in the beauty event for the first time on behalf of the Chinese team. This is the first gold medal since China participated in the WorldSkills Competition beauty event.

This gold medal also broke the long-term monopoly of the event by European players.

  [Explanation] Recently, Wang Pei told reporters about his winning process.

When Wang Pei graduated from high school, she wanted to study a make-up major and engage in image design-related work in the future, but her parents opposed her idea.

  [Concurrent] Wang Pei

  In the beginning, my father was not very supportive.

He thinks that you may be engaged in education, or choose a medical-related major, which may be more stable for your future work.

  [Explanation] After hard work, the parents finally respected their daughter's ideas.

Wang Pei became a student majoring in character image design at Chongqing Urban Management Vocational College.

In 2017, Wang Pei entered the school with a dream.

When she first learned how to make eyelashes, Wang Pei's hands were always trembling, and the eyelashes could not stick well; when doing manicure, it was always difficult to achieve symmetry... The tutor Wang Peng always guided her to try and practice over and over again. .

  [Concurrent] Wang Pei

  I am also constantly working hard, whether it is studying majors in school or participating in competitions later, I am changing his (father's) concept step by step.

Now he (father) also feels that choosing what he likes, choosing a good major to study, and choosing a good technology to study can actually do well.

  [Explanation] The World Skills Competition is known as the "World Skills Olympics". Among them, the beauty program is divided into seven major sections: advanced skin care, body care, hair removal, painted nail art, makeup, eyelash extension, and hand and foot care.

Sports massage is a new module. It is a relaxing massage for joints and muscles after daily exercise. It has become a service demand trend in the beauty industry in the future.

This year's World Championship has incorporated this content, which belongs to the category of rehabilitation medicine, into the beauty competition. The contestants have almost no contact and training before preparing for the competition, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for everyone.

  [Explanation] In the arena, Wang Pei taps acupuncture points with his fingers, pushes the pulse with his palms, and kneads the meridians with his elbows.

A set of movements is appropriate in weight and flow, which amazes the onlookers.

In the end, the referees awarded the highest grade for this set of sports massage techniques with oriental aesthetics.

  [Concurrent] Wang Pei

  At the beginning, our team was worried about this project, because it had never been touched before.

However, our entire team integrated this traditional Chinese quintessence into this competition by learning Chinese massage and massage techniques, which has become our biggest highlight.

  [Explanation] Out of the arena, Wang Pei will continue to return to his alma mater to coach.

From a student to a teacher, Wang Pei said that although his identity is changing, his original intention of "choosing, loving, loyal, and refined" will not change.

  Jia Nan and Li Keyi report from Chongqing

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]