China News Service, Anyang, November 23 (Wang Yu, Li Chaoqing, Cheng Hang) On the evening of November 22, Anyang, Henan Province held a press conference on the "11.21" fire accident. Gao Yong, the mayor of Anyang City, reported that there are currently 4 people Controlled by the public security department.

The picture shows the scene of the press conference.

Photo by Wang Yu

  According to Gao Yong, at 16:22 on the 21st, a fire broke out at Kaixinda Trading Co., Ltd. in Baolian Temple Town, Wenfeng District, Anyang City. The accident killed 38 people and slightly injured 2 people.

At present, the identity confirmation and aftermath work of the victims is being carried out.

The public security department has controlled 2 suspects from the company where the incident occurred and 2 persons in charge of Shangxin Clothing Co., Ltd.

  "This accident caused heavy casualties, and the lesson is very profound." Gao Yong said that in the next step, Anyang will properly do a good job in comforting the family members and dealing with the aftermath, find out the cause of the accident, seriously investigate the responsibility according to law, and immediately carry out carpet sales throughout the city. The investigation and special rectification of potential safety hazards in the form and pull-net type, pay close attention to the important parts and weak links that are prone to accidents, effectively strengthen the safety supervision of key industries, and strengthen emergency management.