Many customers of the Villages Nature Paris of the Center Parcs area, in Bailly-Romainvilliers (Seine-et-Marne), complain about rats.

The rodents would multiply at the level of the garbage cans and would be visible, in particular at night, between the paths and on the terraces of the dwellings, reports

Le Parisien


A ruined vacation

In a video, a vacationer filmed dozens of rats next to the trash cans.

The same goes for a tourist from Nice, who in August saw four rats on the terrace of her cottage.

Some claimed to have had their nearly 1,000 euro vacation ruined by the presence of rodents, which would have prevented them from using their exterior or their windows, for fear that they would infiltrate the house.

Several holidaymakers concerned would have been relocated or would have received compensation.

Contacted by the daily, the management of the estate specified that the rats were particularly numerous this year due to the heat of recent months.

It would have taken measures to limit this proliferation, in particular by installing capture devices.


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