The Kyiv regime does not get tired of promising attacks on the Russian Crimea.

The campaign to return the peninsula (where? - he has already returned!) will take place, said the head of the office of President Zelensky, by the name of Yermak.

At the same time, the main Ukrainian clerk could neither name the timing of the campaign, nor provide any other specifics.

The reason is clear: there is none.

An unconvincing announcement was made during Yermak's virtual interview with American Politico.

“Senior US and European officials are pushing Ukraine towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict... Ukraine has so far rejected these calls, saying that any step towards negotiations now will benefit Moscow more than Kyiv,” the publication writes after a conversation with a Ukrainian official. .

It is clear that Yermak's verbal militancy is explained by an attempt to fend off such initiatives of his Western patrons.

No more.

True, he is not alone in Kyiv.

The tendency to dream of heavenly pretzels was recently also demonstrated by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Volodymyr Gavrilov.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine may return to Crimea by the end of December, and by spring the entire war with Russia will be over, he boldly predicted the development of events during his trip to Britain.

The place chosen for the revelations unmistakably testifies to the political nature of the statement: he wants to impress London.

In addition to external players, on which Kyiv is highly dependent in military-technical, financial and political terms, there is also an internal audience that needs to be cheered up somehow.

After all, it is they, ordinary Ukrainians, who will have to go to the front, into the ice trenches, and not high-ranking military men traveling around the brilliant foreign countries.

Visions of the southern, warm, alien, inaccessible land are designed to warm the poor fellows on the eve of the upcoming winter, which for many will be the last.

This is similar to how the yard hooligan Vitka Burov, nicknamed Alphonse Daudet from the movie "The Last Summer of Childhood" chattered, sunbathing on the roof, his underage friends.

“If you want ... to see heaven on earth with your own eyes, visit the resorts of the southern coast of Crimea.

Even from the mountain road, a charming view will open in front of you: slender cypress trees against the azure sky.

A real piece of paradise,” he read out the brochure to them.

This is how Ukrainian politicians — political gigolos and swindlers — lie without hesitation right and left, just to prolong their own days at the helm of power even a little more.

To delay the collapse of the misanthropic Bandera ideology, and with it the Russophobic state, the stronghold of modern high-tech Nazism.

If for this you need to repeat mantras about Crimea, they will repeat it.

Blow into the ears of commoners.

There will soon be nothing to keep warm in Ukraine, except for dreams.

It seems that large Ukrainian cities will be without electricity in the upcoming cold season.

As a result of surgically precise, precise Russian missile strikes, Ukraine's energy system has gone haywire.

This means that, most likely, we will have to live without central heating, carefully arranged at one time by the Soviet authorities, without water and with a non-working sewage system, as well as without communications, the Internet and other benefits.

But from such “happiness” they really might want to climb into the Crimea!

No one usually announces a serious military offensive, but we are dealing with unusual people - with a KVN team that accidentally found itself in power.

These can.

Moreover, as the events of the last month have shown, they do not feel sorry for the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thousands, tens of thousands of Ukrainians will die in a useless throw across the open Kherson steppe under the "Grady" of the Russian military.

“Well, so be it,” they will say in Kyiv.

The only hope for the mobilized Ukrainians is reliable fortifications, already built by order of the commander of the NMD on the left bank of the Dnieper.

They say it is called the Surovikin line.

Defense in depth, anti-tank ditches, gouges, trenches, trenches, bunkers, minefields will protect not only and not so much the Kherson region and Crimea from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the insane orders of Kyiv - “Hey, Zelensky, we are not suicidal!”

Just in case, defensive structures are also being built in the north of Crimea.

They won't be redundant.

Who is warned is armed.

They have long been deployed, and now military forces are being additionally built up on the coast of the peninsula.

They are designed to keep the NATO allied to Kyiv from temptation.

But the main support of the defense, of course, is the Crimeans themselves.

Having voted in a referendum to return to Russia, they are ready to defend their choice.

As it was in 1920 and in 1944.

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