After a few cash inflows, she trusted the company JuicyFields.

Then everything got complicated for a mother living in Crépy-en-Valois (Oise).

Like hundreds of French victims, but also Spanish and Germans, she would have lost a large sum of money after investing in this company offering to bet on medical cannabis, reports

Actu Oise


His loss would amount to 5,400 euros in total.

About 450 known victims in France

The idea was to buy a cannabis plant in another country on this online platform to collect the fruits of the sale after three months of growth.

But JuicyFields, which promised no less than 30% return on investment, abruptly closed the site in July 2022. Investors no longer have access to their accounts and therefore to their money.

After the anger, the victims came together and decided to file a collective complaint, as in Spain and Germany.

They would already be around 450 in France.

But the procedure should take several years to succeed, warns their lawyer with

Actu Oise.

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