Today (the 22nd) is a novel about the first snow of the season, and since the day is warmer than usual, it will rain all over the country from the afternoon.

The rain will start from the east coast and Jeju this morning and will spread to the whole country in the afternoon. It will rain a lot with a maximum of 100mm or more until tomorrow on the east coast of Gyeongbuk, and a maximum of 80mm in Yeongdong, Gangwon. It will rain.

In most other areas such as Seoul, 5 to 20 mm is expected.

Until this morning, the central region will be densely fogged, and the metropolitan area, Chungnam, and Jeonbuk regions will have high dust concentrations until it rains.

The morning temperature will be 8 degrees in Seoul, about 1 degree lower than yesterday, and the daytime temperature will be slightly lower than yesterday at 14 degrees in Seoul and Cheongju, and 19 degrees in Busan.

Most of this rain will stop by tomorrow morning.

(Im Eun-jin weather caster)