At a poultry farm in Yokohama, Aomori Prefecture, a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was detected in dead chickens, and the prefecture is proceeding with the disposal of approximately 130,000 chickens raised at this poultry farm.

According to Aomori Prefecture, on the 19th, it was reported that chickens raised from a poultry farm in Yokohama Town were found dead one after another, and as a result of genetic testing by the prefecture, avian influenza virus that is considered to be highly pathogenic was detected.

In response to this, the prefecture started to dispose of all 130,000 chickens raised at this poultry farm and held an emergency countermeasures meeting.

Among them, it was confirmed that about 700,000 chickens and feed, etc. raised at five farms within a radius of 3 km from this poultry farm would be prohibited from moving from the farm.

In addition, Governor Mimura held an online meeting with the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, reported that he had instructed the government to thoroughly implement quarantine measures, and requested support to prevent the spread of infection.

At this poultry farm, bird flu broke out in April this year, and this is the first time an outbreak has been confirmed in Aomori Prefecture this season.