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Soccer player Park Joo-ho's wife, Anna, confessed that she is fighting cancer.

On the 20th, she posted a long post on her SNS that began with a picture taken at the cancer ward of Asan Hospital in Seoul and said, "Everything was possible because there were people who took care of me at the hospital."

In English, Anna said, "I'm not particularly good at expressing myself, but it's no exaggeration to say that you guys have helped me to endure work with confidence. I've never lost my way. I was drawn to your experiences and warm hearts. . You are part of my happiness."

She then revealed the reason for the lack of communication over the past six months, saying, "I apologize for my silence to those who have continued to love our family despite my lack of communication."

Anna said, "(Because of cancer treatment) I thought I wouldn't be able to stay happy. But I was wrong. I've been very happy. Thank you for being with us until now. I promise to be as healthy as possible."

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"Radiation treatment aside, I need to stay alert. I don't want to disappoint everyone who has worked so hard to keep me alive," he said. "If you or someone you love is fighting strange (cancer) cells, I want to Send love and good energy to them."

Finally, Anna sent a message of support to the test takers in Korean, "How was the SAT? Everyone, you worked hard!! Cheer up for the upcoming challenges!! We can do it, right?!!"

The news of Anna's cancer battle continued with messages of support from netizens.

Comments on her SNS were flooded with messages wishing for her recovery and happiness for Park Joo-ho's family.

She is Swiss-born Anna, she was born in 1991 and is 31 years old.

She is married to soccer player Park Joo-ho, who is 4 years her senior, and has two daughters Naeun-yang and sons Geon-hoo and Jin-woo.

She appeared on KBS 2TV's 'The Return of Superman' (Shudol) as 'Steamed or Blee' and received a lot of love. 

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye of SBS Entertainment News)