A transgender office worker who was born as a man and now lives a social life as a woman has been recognized as an industrial accident because he was forced to take a leave of absence after repeatedly making remarks about gender by his boss at work. .

According to a lawyer who was interviewed, it was an employee in his 40s who worked at a company in Kanagawa Prefecture who was recognized as a worker's accident. That's it.

Soon after, his boss started making gender-related statements, and he developed depression and was forced to take a leave of absence.

As a result of an investigation by the Labor Standards Inspection Office, the boss made remarks such as "Are you a man or a woman on the family register?" It was confirmed that he repeatedly acted as "Kimitsuke" and called "him", and in June this year, he was recognized as a worker's accident.

This type of harassment related to gender identity is called "SOGI harassment," and lawyers say that there are few cases where it comes to the surface, partly because it is difficult for the parties concerned to raise their voices.

At the press conference, an employee said, "I think most people don't even know what they shouldn't say about 'SOGI harassment.' We need to create a workplace where harassment does not occur."