After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, it is indeed a new era that opens at Buckingham Palace, where political commitment has, a priori, all its place.

If King Charles III was banned from coming to the COP27 summit by Prime Minister Liz Truss to talk about safeguarding the environment, his son has taken up the torch.

William chose wildlife advocacy for his first speech as Prince of Wales and direct heir to the throne.

With a very positive image with the British, all age groups combined, Prince William has a speech that weighs in the balance.

And when he begins his speech, during this meeting on October 4, recalling the family commitment to the environment that he intends to perpetuate, also in memory of his "grandmother" who he "misses so much", the British press sees it as a signal to the new Conservative government.

Indeed, while under Boris Johnson companies have been allowed to dump even more of their untreated sewage into the seas and rivers, Liz Truss is visibly in the crosshairs of solar panels, which she no longer wants in British fields. .

Added to this is the wish of its Secretary of State, Jacob Rees-Mogg, to develop hydraulic fracturing as a solution to the energy crisis.

We understand that they are not really on the same wavelength.

Total commitment

On the other hand, while the government of Liz Truss refuses to increase the salaries of health service personnel, contrary to the promises of its predecessor, to succeed in paying its tax gifts to the richest, Prince William and his wife, Catherine, took advantage of Mental Health Week to highlight the needs of healthcare personnel by visiting a maternity hospital and a suicide prevention centre.

The Prince and Princess of Wales also led a BBC special dedicated to mental health.

Meanwhile, the nurses are calling for a strike against the government.

Finally, something rare for an heir to the British throne, Prince William asked, via his Twitter account and in his name (identifiable because the messages personally written by the prince are signed "W"), to strengthen the protection of minors and young adults on the Internet after the suicide of a 14-year-old schoolgirl, bullied online.

Only the government has the power.

If Liz Truss can prevent the king from speaking, because of the strict rules, it may be a little more complicated with Prince William.

So of course, you shouldn't expect a frontal fight, but, in her position, every gesture counts and is dissected, just like when Elizabeth II dressed in the colors of the European flag when she ratified Brexit.


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