China Weather Network News Today (October 7) is the last day of the National Day holiday. The weather in Beijing is generally good. During the day it is sunny, the sky turns cloudy at night, and the light rain gradually comes online, which may have a certain impact on the morning peak on the 8th. , Citizens and friends returning to work after the festival should pay attention to bringing rain gear and arrange travel time reasonably.

  Yesterday, Beijing sunny day was online, the warm sun was high during the day, and the ultraviolet rays were strong.

At 16:30 in the afternoon, the real-time temperature at the southern suburbs observatory reached 17.3°C, and the temperature in the urban area was generally above 17°C, making it more comfortable to feel.

  Today is the last day of the National Day holiday. Beijing is still the main theme of the sunny day during the day, and the sky gradually turns cloudy at night.

According to the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, during the day, Beijing is partly cloudy, with light fog in the southern part of the country in the morning, with 2 to 3 winds from north to south, and the highest temperature is 19°C; Level 2~3, the minimum temperature is 10 ℃.

  Tomorrow, the impact of a new wave of cold air will begin again, and Beijing may experience strong winds, rainfall and cooling.

It is expected that the city will be cloudy with light rain, the southerly wind will be level 2~3, the highest temperature in the plain area will be 17°C, and the highest temperature in the mountainous area will be 15~16°C; the light rain will turn to overcast at night, and the south will turn north wind from level 2 to about level 4, with gusts of 6~7 The lowest temperature in the plain area is 9°C, and the lowest temperature in the mountainous area is 4-7°C.

  The Meteorological Department reminded that the light rain in Beijing will start tonight and will continue until tomorrow. On the first day after the holiday, the rainy weather may add trouble to travel during the morning rush hour. The public should pay attention to nowcasting and warning, arrange travel time reasonably, and remember to bring rain gear and rain gear when going out. Add clothes in time to prevent catching a cold.