October 7, 2022

Britney Spears responds to her mother

Britney Spears is not about to forgive her mother!

Almost a year after the end of her guardianship, the singer has responded to Lynne Spears' apologies, and as we can read, the interpreter of


does not mince words.

"Mom, take your excuses and fuck off!"

And to all the doctors who screwed up my mind, I pray you burn in hell.

Kiss my fucking ass,” she wrote on Instagram.

The family reunion is not for now...

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Omar Sy wishes a happy birthday to Hélène, his wife

Hélène, Omar Sy's wife, is celebrating her birthday, and this is an opportunity for the hero of the


series to remind the world how much he is in love!

This is how the actor posted a tender black and white photo on Instagram and evoked his love in the caption.

Beginning by recalling that she is “the love of (his) life”, the actor continues by praising “My Assos.

My best friend.

The biggest and most beautiful heart I know”.

“I wish you as much happiness as you bring to others.

I love you,” he concludes.

The couple have been in perfect love since 1998. Omar and Hélène Sy are the happy parents of five children, and said "yes" to each other in 2007.


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