• Two men had been victims of stabbing violence a few days ago in Saint-Grégoire.

    They had refused to press charges.

  • Two days later, one of the two victims was again the target of violence.

    The young man was forced into a car and then assaulted.

  • Four men were arrested and taken into custody.

    They are currently heard by the judicial police of Rennes.

He had already been the subject of violence with a weapon on the night of Sunday October 2 to Monday October 3 in Saint-Grégoire (Ille-et-Vilaine).

Some sources mentioned the trail of a kidnapping, without this being confirmed.

After presenting himself to the hospital in Rennes to treat his wounds caused by a knife, a man was again the target of violence a few hours later.

The day before, he and his friend had been beaten with a screwdriver and stabbed.

This time, it was not far from the Gayeulles park that the victim was approached.

According to information gathered by 20 Minutes, one of the two men who had already been abused was forced into a vehicle around 1 a.m. on Tuesday October 4.

The scene would have taken place not far from the Gayeulles college and the Joliot-Curie high school.

He would then have been the target of new violence without his ITT having yet been determined.

Four men taken into custody


It is in any case the track favored by the agents of the judicial police of Rennes to whom the investigation was entrusted.

The two victims of violence had however refused to file a complaint after the first facts.

On Wednesday, four people suspected of being involved in these two cases were arrested.

They were taken into custody.

The four suspects are four men aged 20, 22, 24 and 29.

All are domiciled in Rennes or without a fixed address in the Breton capital.

“The investigation will have to specify the precise circumstances of these facts and their context”, warns the public prosecutor Philippe Astruc.

The magistrate specifies that the two cases are distinct "but appear to be linked".

The track of the settlement of account related to drug trafficking is privileged.

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