China News Service, Changchun, October 5th (Reporter Lv Shengnan) Every day, he goes out early and returns late, working at a depth of 2 meters, and is often infested by mice and mosquitoes... 59-year-old Kang Keming is a heating company in Changchun, Jilin Province. A plumbing repairer, he wants to pass on his 20 years of work experience to his young apprentices before retiring to ensure that they can complete their tasks on time.

  The temperature drop in the Northeast in October is the peak period for maintenance work on heating pipes.

Kang Keming and his "post-95" apprentice Han Shaoshuai have to maintain the heating pipes in the 200,000-square-meter old community that they are responsible for before the middle of the year.

  "It's not easy to repair the heating pipes in the old community, and the operating environment is relatively bad. You need to be patient and careful." Before work, Kang Keming would "nag" with his apprentices, "It is common to encounter mice and mosquitoes in the trenches. ."

  The so-called trench is the underground area where the heating pipes are located. Not to mention the narrow entrance, the underground environment is still very dark and humid.

Kang Keming said that the areas he is in charge of are all old communities, and the entrance of the narrowest trench is only about 30 centimeters in diameter, making it very difficult for adult men to get in and out.

"But none of this is hard on us, and the working environment more than 20 years ago was tougher than this."

  Conk Keming, who joined the work in 2001, is doing the work of "delivering charcoal in the snow" for the citizens. From burning coal to the interconnection of heat and power, the heating technology in the city is constantly improving.

"Twenty years ago, we needed to conduct manual inspections every two hours to check whether the heating pipelines were leaking. Now we don't need them, and we can see the pipelines at the computer terminal." Con Keming said, although intelligence replaces manual work for us A lot of burdens have been reduced, but the positions of pipeline overhaul and maintenance always need someone to stick to them.

Conquemin needed to go underground through an entrance less than 40 centimeters wide.

  Not afraid of the darkness and coldness of the ditch, and humbly asking for advice when encountering thorny problems... Kang Keming is very satisfied that the "post-95s" such as Young Marshal Han are becoming the "main force" in the maintenance front line and undertake most of the basic maintenance work.

  "Water dripping and leaking are prone to occur after the pipes are aging. We must check them well before heating, and we must also maintain and maintain them at ordinary times." Cong Keming told Han Shaoshuai to pay attention to the things he needs to pay attention to, and try his best to teach his own experience and technology. to this young man in front of him.

  After solving the maintenance problem, Marshal Han first climbed out of the dark ditch, then pulled Kang Keming back to the ground, and patted the dust off the two of them.

Kang Keming felt the power passed from the hands of young people, "I can retire with confidence in a short while." (End)