The SNCF limits meat.

The railway company has entrusted chef Thierry Marx with the next TGV bar menu, available from Thursday, with, as a sign of the times, now two of the three dishes which will be vegetarian.

"We change the map every year," said Alain Krakovitch, director of TGV-Intercités.

“We need to renew our card regularly, and Thierry Marx also renews himself.

What interested us was that he offered us products that take into account the expectations of French people today with two vegetarian dishes,” he said.

“Thierry Marx also makes fried eggs!


"I think they must have opened a catalog of chefs, and I was in it," joked Thierry Marx, who is among other things executive chef of the restaurant of the Parisian palace Mandarin Oriental, the Sur-Mesure, two Michelin stars, and who has just opened a restaurant on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.

“It's very classic.

Sometimes people ask me if it's Thierry Marx.

But yes, Thierry Marx also makes fried eggs!

“, he noted during a presentation of the new card on Tuesday.

“I don't just do very sophisticated cooking, I like the popular side of cooking.


"Thierry Marx is known to the French, it's important," acknowledged Alain Krakovitch, noting that 20% of TGV travelers go to the bar.

“They want someone they know, they needed someone they know.

And who is able to make products of very high quality, in an industrial way.


The autumn-winter menu of the TGV Inoui bar (the TGV Ouigo does not have a bar car) thus offers a salad of lentils, mashed broccoli, pickled carrots, cumin vinaigrette, and almonds;

a spelled, butternut, chestnut and marinated mushroom risotto;

and finally a stew of carrots, turnips and melting beef, with pasta.

For fans, the classics are always on the menu at the TGV bar, managed by the Newrest company.

The flagship product, the croque-monsieur, sells 630,000 copies each year, according to the SNCF.


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