The director of the hospital, who was arrested in a bribery case involving the introduction of a system related to medical equipment at the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo, instructed his subordinates to take advantage of the bribery company's specifications. Interviews with investigative officials revealed that there was a suspicion that they were making

Police believe he abused his authority as director and are investigating further.

Tomohiko Aso (56), director of radiological technology at the National Cancer Center Central Hospital in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, said that a medical equipment system company in Hiroshima City, " In March last year, he was arrested on suspicion of receiving a bribe worth about 970,000 yen, including a tablet terminal, from the president, Yukio Okabe (65), in return for convenience for Medical Create.

Subsequent investigation revealed that Director Aso was suspected of instructing his own subordinates to create system specifications in order to benefit the company.

The system of President Okabe's company was actually introduced to the hospital in June this year, and the police are investigating in detail assuming that he abused his authority as the director of the radiological technology department.

Police have not disclosed the identity of the two men, citing an obstacle to the investigation.