Mostafa Sorour aspires to motivate his young followers

Emirati content creator defeats “stuttering”: Positivity is my gateway to hearts

Mustafa: I overcame my little fears and had a beautiful experience.

Photography: Youssef Al Harmoudi

"I loved to take advantage of my small mistakes in childhood, and to present a summary of my experience and experiences in life, relying on what I succeeded in overcoming of the obsessions and fears of people, I discovered that they did not exist primarily except in my imagination." With these positive terms, the content creator, Mustafa Sorour, influenced To begin his dialogue with "Emirates Today", considering that the problem of "stuttering" and the difficulty of pronunciation and "stuttering" that he faced have become from the past, and that nothing is able to stand in the way of his ambitions and dreams in completing his academic career, which he recovered at a late stage, after years of Pause, to present a model that aspires to inspire people and change the lives of many.

The desire to break the barriers of fear was the biggest motivator for Mustafa to move towards promising horizons, after he discovered his talent for communicating with those around him and attracting attention, relying on clear wit and a sense of humor that drew a smile on the faces of family first and then friends.

Mustafa explained: “I had to overcome my fears and go through an experiment through which I discovered my ability to challenge speech disorders and continue the path of achieving my dreams, after I realized that there is nothing to hinder a person from developing himself, and transcend the sometimes negative view of others towards him, and what can be He is subjected to waves of violence or bullying from those around him, which I managed, with God’s help, to overcome, thanks to decisive decisions and my sense of humor, which seems to have been my gateway to people’s hearts, especially when I decided to venture into the digital space to devote the experience of positive change on a large scale.

a large number of real followers;

Mustafa communicates with them almost daily, to read their psychological weather and adjust their self-compasses through doses of positivity, through which the owner confirms his desire to make change on a large scale, relying on the bumps of life that he incurred documenting its moments in details and comments and permanently in his small diary, to be in Each time he increased and the subject of his discussions with his followers.

The Emirati content maker explained: “I am very happy when I receive positive public comments about my advice in a light and different manner, most of which are in the context of my quest to overcome the life obstacles I faced, which I realized in the end, that it stemmed from the barrier of fear that kept besieging me. It is related to others, and perhaps it is something that I deliberately convey constantly to people, which is the need to take advantage of self-mistakes and start discovering life experiences to find practical solutions to the problems that confront us, whatever their size.”

On the way he prepares the new ideas and topics that he presents automatically is not without humor in some stations, Mustafa confirmed that he arranges his ideas first and documents its contents on paper, as for the method of implementation, it is diverse, noting that the experience of standing in front of his mobile phone camera, enables him to constantly From devising new positions and spontaneous presentation patterns, it drew the attention of more audience, stressing that honesty, transparency and purposeful content are the greatest foundations of this experiment and its first and last bet.

He admitted that his childhood was marked by riots to a large extent, as he gave up studies before returning to it as a young man, carrying his marital responsibilities and proud of what was achieved under the umbrella of "adult education".

He added, "I stopped at the seventh grade, then returned to complete my studies later, obtained high school, and decided to search for the specialty that suits my ambitions, which of course I practiced in parallel with my work in customer service in one of the departments in Dubai."

The dream.. a wider audience. Mustafa Sorour dreams that his motivational clips and virtual discussions via “Instagram” will turn into a radio or television program through which he can look at a wider audience, to present ideas and purposeful topics that fall within the framework of self-development and character building, indicating his desire to join a group One of the specialized courses in this field to obtain the qualification of “Certified Trainer”.

He believed that the secret of real success, according to his view, lies in achieving feasibility through people sharing the experiences and talents that characterize each individual, and then emphasizing the need to face difficulties and address them in a practical way that ensures us to move forward in life.

Mustafa Sorour:

"Honesty, transparency and meaningful content... the biggest pillars of my experience and my first and last bet."

“I focus on the need to take advantage of self-mistakes and start discovering life experiences.”

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