Winter is coming.

Difficult times have already arrived at the front.

In the coming days and weeks, they will be even harder.

All this time we have been listening attentively about "regroupings" and "planned straightening of the line of defense."

If there was any last truth in the reports, then here it is: while we are retreating so as not to fall into the boilers.

The reasons for our failures are generally known.

In addition to the latest weapons that are supplied to that side, there is also an elementary - in the broadest sense - the human factor.

That side, having carried out several waves of mobilization, firstly, prepared a significant number of additional units, and secondly, equipped them with high quality.

Ukrainian videos stopped appearing, which made Russian netizens so amused, where the bewildered military were shouting: “We have nothing, and they throw us for meat.”

They may be thrown to this day for meat, but on the whole they are now wonderful, many times better equipped than our units.

We need thermal imagers, quadrocopters, medicine, bulletproof vests, shoes, winter sleeping bags, warm kits, uniforms, and so on.

Basically, everything is needed.

Now I will say a bitter thing, but I will.

No one will ever admit that the country is not able to provide new units with everything listed and not listed.

Don't ask why.

Just take my word for it.

They won't say anything about it out loud.

And new units will go to the front with minimal clothing and professional equipment.

Yesterday I published on my blog a view of the unloading, in which another batch of "mobiles" drove into the first line of the front line.

Unloading from the category of "hug and cry", or "wet and burn."

Unthinkable color (why not orange, by the way? Not yellow? There are many good colors) vest, suitable only for fishing, but definitely not for the war of the XXI century.

Why did the "mobiles" appear in these?

What was in the warehouse, they were given.

Not because before that they stole or saved.

Gave what was.

There is nothing more.

Therefore - and this is the main thing!

— provision of new waves of mobilized should be undertaken by the regions.

Not "can take", but must take.

Gather your businessmen, throw a cry on regional TV channels, dig in the budget - and go.

So that your children and grandchildren, your brothers and fathers go to the front in perfect shape.

Nobody else will do it except you.

Cargo 200, which will go back home, will be primarily on your conscience.

When you, governor, will stand with a sad look at the funeral, where you so did not want to go - but you must - remember: you could have prevented all this.

You had every opportunity for this.

You have every opportunity for this.

And the next topic.

Soldiers are not born.

They become soldiers.

They train to be soldiers.

Just like any other profession.

Yes, the necessary coordination of the mobilized will be carried out by the structures of the Ministry of Defense.

But honestly, that won't be enough.

Even in the MO itself they know better than us.

That's why.

In each region, regional centers for combat and psychological training should appear.

This is not difficult.

In Moscow and the Moscow region, in Chechnya, there are already plus or minus similar precedents - and it is in your power to copy this experience.

There will be several more waves of mobilizations.

We must prepare for a long war.

All this could have been done yesterday, but yesterday you spent up to six months deciding the philosophical question: to hang or not to hang murals depicting living and fallen heroes on the walls of your houses.

To hold or not to hold City Day with a budget of 40 billion. Yesterday you were busy.

So it needs to be done tomorrow.

Something tells us that tomorrow the president will evaluate the regions and regional leaders precisely by these indicators.

Perhaps this indicator will be the main one.

Once again - to consolidate the information.

Full support for the mobilized.

Creation of centers for their training on the basis of relevant structures.

And don't ask why you.

That's why.


Sorry for the tone of the letter.

The bitter feeling and irritation contained in it is, of course, not directed at you.

Help guys.


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