Chestnut tiger butterflies, which are known to migrate long distances like migratory birds, fly to Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and entertain visitors.

Chestnut tiger butterflies are about 10 centimeters long when they spread their wings. They fly north from spring to summer and fly south in autumn, migrating long distances like migratory birds.

In the area along the river in Sakuki-cho, Miyoshi City, the locals use fallow fields to cultivate ``Fujibakama'', one of the seven autumn herbs that chestnut tigers love. is flying

From the middle of last month, while the small pale pink flowers of Fujibakama bloomed, chestnut tiger butterflies spread their wings and flew from flower to flower in search of nectar.

Visitors enjoyed taking pictures.

According to local residents, more than 300 butterflies have been spotted every day and are expected to be seen by the middle of this month.

Mr. Noriaki Sakane, who lives in this area, said, "Everyone is happy that many chestnut tiger butterflies have come this year. I would be happy if many people could see it and be impressed by how beautiful it is."