• The town hall of Valence had agreed to sell a plot of 8,400m² to the association Valeurs et Réussite so that it could enlarge the premises of its Muslim school.

  • While the compromise had been recorded at the end of July at the notary, the municipality did an about-face on Monday, following an appeal filed by the Drôme prefecture.

  • The association sued for discrimination.

The municipality of Valencia has canceled the sale of land intended for the expansion of a Muslim school which has filed a complaint for "discrimination", we learned on Tuesday from the parties concerned.

The association Valeurs et Réussite manages this school without contract which was founded in 2012 in a mosque under the name of Iqra.

She wanted to acquire the 8,400 m² land, opposite the place of worship in order to enlarge her premises and sign a contract.

Voted in June and recorded by compromise before a notary in July, the sale of the plot was canceled Monday evening "after a free appeal filed by the prefecture" concerning the land status of the land and after an "alert" from the same prefecture on the activities of this school, specified the mayor LR Nicolas Daragon, pointing out the responsibility of the State in this reversal.

Contacted, the prefect of Drôme did not wish to speak.


Charlie Hebdo

article at the origin of the criticism

The sale was criticized after the publication in July by the satirical newspaper

Charlie Hebdo

of an article evoking links between the association "Valeurs et Réussite" and the radical movement of the Muslim Brotherhood.

From then on, the city experienced “a deployment of malicious remarks which created a detestable climate”, underlined the mayor.

For him, it is the “lack of clarity, consistency (…) in the line of conduct adopted by the State” which caused this situation, with “information which has varied substantially over time”, while he had consulted the National Education and the prefecture before supporting the sale project.

" Witch hunt "

In response, Valeurs et Réussite, which manages the elementary school where 42 students are currently educated, decided to file a complaint against X for “discrimination”, his lawyer Nabil Boudi told Nabil Boudi.

"The cancellation of this sale with regard to this school is a new crossing in the bludgeoning and in the witch hunt carried out with regard to certain Muslim associations", he declares.

“We are talking about alleged filiation supposedly close to the Muslim Brotherhood… But there is no link (…) We are citizens of simple Muslim faith”, for his part assured Mourad Jabri, president of the association Valeurs et Success.


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