Following the launch of a ballistic missile from North Korea on the morning of the 4th, railroads in Hokkaido were suspended or delayed, and fishermen and citizens voiced their concerns.


Train suspensions and delays

In response to information about missile launches by North Korea, JR Hokkaido temporarily suspended operations throughout Hokkaido, causing train delays.

Around 9:00 a.m., at JR Sapporo Station, there was an announcement that the train would be delayed, and information about the delay was also displayed on an electric bulletin board.

Also, the area near the ticket gate was crowded with many people trying to use the train.

A man in his 30s who came from Ebetsu City said, ``Ebetsu Station was also more crowded than usual because announcements were being made. I didn't think it would affect me," he said.

A 19-year-old woman from Otaru said, "In the morning, my smartphone alarm went off, so she turned on the TV and gathered information. When she arrived at the station, she was surprised to find that there was a delay." I was talking to

According to JR Hokkaido, as of 10:00 a.m., 13 trains on the Hakodate and Chitose lines have been canceled or have been canceled.

The Sapporo Municipal Subway suspended operation for a while, but then resumed operation.

At Hiragishi Station on the Namboku Subway Line in Toyohira Ward, Sapporo City, commuters and school commuters boarded one after another, and no major confusion was seen. stopped and checked.

Although the timetable is disrupted, the subway runs every few minutes, and as of 8:00 am, there is no noticeable congestion or confusion at the station.

Voices of anxiety from citizens

In response to the missile launch by North Korea, newspaper extras were distributed in Sapporo's underground mall from around 10:00 am, and shoppers and others received them one after another.

A woman in her 70s from Gunma Prefecture who received it said, "I'm not familiar with Hokkaido, so I was worried about where to evacuate."

A woman in her 40s from Sapporo said, "I received the extra issue because I wanted to know more information. It has happened several times before, but I'm scared because I think that flying over the sky means that we can attack anywhere in Japan. I was talking.

A woman in her 70s from Sapporo said, ``I was watching TV after I got a notification on my cell phone that a missile had been launched. I'm worried," he said.

A saury fishing boat at its peak

"All saury" = According to the National Saury Pole Net Fishery Cooperative, about 70 saury fishing boats, including large ones of 100 tons or more, were operating in the North Pacific at the time the missile was launched.

So far, there is no information about damage or confirmed falling objects.

Pacific saury fishing is at its peak in the North Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 kilometers east of Nemuro City, Hokkaido, and catches are being made every day at Hanasaki Port in Nemuro City.

A man on a saury fishing boat anchored at Hanasaki Port said, "I'm worried, but I can't help it as a fisherman."

In addition, the owner of the saury fishing boat told NHK by telephone, "I'm worried, but as a fisherman, I can't worry about it because I have fishing. I want you to stop launching missiles." rice field.

Shinhidaka Town Disaster prevention administrative radio does not work

According to Shinhidaka Town in Hokkaido, when North Korea launched a missile, the disaster prevention administrative radio that communicated information to the townspeople in conjunction with J-Alert did not work, and sound was not emitted from all 32 speakers in the town. It means that

According to the town, the machine that receives the J-Alert has broken down, so it has been repaired since last week.

【Aomori Prefecture】

Large squid fishing boat off the Pacific coast, etc. No damage

According to the Aomori Prefectural Fisheries Promotion Division, at the time North Korea launched the missile, four boats, including a large squid fishing boat, were out fishing off the Pacific coast of Aomori Prefecture. It was confirmed that there was no damage.

Fishermen in the waters near Hachinohe ``I'm worried that there is no way to escape at sea''

A 70-year-old fisherman who came from Chiba Prefecture to the waters near Hachinohe City in Aomori Prefecture to fish for mackerel and sardines said, ``When the siren sounded, I woke up all the crew and waited on board. Even if I was told to stay away from the windows in a dangerous building, I was relieved to hear that there was nowhere to escape from inside the ship, and that it had landed in the Pacific Ocean. However, if a missile comes flying, there is no way to escape at sea, so I am very worried."

Tuna fishing boat crew "surprise and fear"

An Indonesian crew member on a tuna fishing boat anchored at Hachinohe Port in Aomori Prefecture said, "We were fishing offshore at the time the missile was said to have passed. However, I am very surprised and scared when something like this happens."


Municipalities in the island area Response to delaying the start of school classes

Municipalities in the islands of Tokyo, where a J-alert was issued for the first time following the launch of a ballistic missile from North Korea, responded by delaying the start of classes or temporarily suspending school attendance.

Of these, in Miyake Village in the Izu Islands in Tokyo, the start time of elementary and junior high schools in each village was delayed by 2 hours, and the elementary school started at 10:45 am and the junior high school started at 10:40 am.

It means that we are considering what to do with the amount that classes could not be done.

In addition, in Oshima Town, Toshima Village, Kozushima Village, Aogashima Village, and Ogasawara Village in the Ogasawara Islands, they called for children and students to wait at home and wait at home by disaster prevention radio or e-mail.

Since J-Alert has been lifted, each local government has resumed school attendance by around 8:00 am, and classes are being held as usual.

Of these, in Ogasawara Village, some children and students were late for homeroom, but there was no major confusion.

Residents of Oshima Town ``Wearing a helmet and waiting''

Residents of Oshima Town in Izu Oshima, Tokyo, where the J-Alert was issued, said that although there was no major confusion, they felt surprised and frightened.

A man in his 50s said, ``My wife and I were wearing helmets and waiting at home, but I was shocked.

A woman in her 70s said, ``I was surprised.

A man in his 30s said, "I was surprised when I woke up in the morning. I thought it was an earthquake or a tsunami. To be honest, it's unrealistic and there's nothing I can do to worry about it."

Extra in Ginza

After a North Korean missile flew over Japan, newspaper extras were distributed in Ginza, Tokyo, and those who received them expressed a sense of crisis and concerns.

Around the Sukiyabashi crossing in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, newspaper extras were handed out at 9:50 a.m., and people passing by received them one after another.

A woman in her 30s said, ``Recently, the missile had fallen in front of me, so when I heard that it had passed over the sky, I was shocked. I was scared," he said.

A mother in her 70s who was with her said, ``I can't feel it for everyone.

An 84-year-old man who experienced the Pacific War said, "I thought 'again' and felt anger. After the missiles were launched, I thought about various things, such as where to evacuate. I thought about the horror of war. Because I know this, I feel that the question is how to promote peace even in this situation."