The headline in the Austrian Krone sounds alarmist: "Refugee centers overcrowded, gas storages empty."

In fact, this is the most accurate description of what is happening - in the newspapers, photos of the longest queues at the centers for the registration of new arrivals.

At the same time, yellow-Blakyth refugees are on a privileged track.

And here the unelected Austrian Chancellor Nehammer bursts into the agenda: “We urgently need to think about how the asylum system in the EU should be changed, what legal grounds should be changed.

Because the asylum system in the EU has failed.

This is more than dramatic, this is the reason, and we, the nation-states, must cope with its consequences, ”said the Austrian Chancellor.

Oh how he spoke!

I even remembered the seditious expression “national state”, for which the European Commission is anathematized and defamed.

And the meaning of his text is even more seditious: "The European Commission, by imposing unlimited immigration on the EU countries, has put the governments of member countries in a difficult position."

To say the least.

But not everyone is desperate enough to speak out publicly on this topic.

Now the Chancellor is saying that Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade are sending a signal to Brussels to create a real border, real control and bring the asylum decision right to the border.

Since mass cases of refugees staying in the country, despite the denial of asylum, this has already become a threat.

The latest case: a serious crime was committed by a man who was denied asylum 16 years ago,

which did not prevent him from living quietly in the EU on taxpayers' money.

And in general, I personally have the feeling that the borders in the EU only work effectively in protecting the EU from Russian passport holders.

In all the rest, they are transparent, like a mosquito net.

If you think that migratory pressure comes from the Middle East (the notorious “Syrian refugees”), then this is not the case at all: this year in Austria, the number of applications for asylum from Tunisians, Turks and Indians has skyrocketed.

As you understand, there is no war in these countries at all.

Of course, now Nehammer will be made to look like he hangs out with bad guys, since he said this text at a summit with the participation of Viktor Orban and Aleksandar Vucic.

It will be interesting when exactly von der Leyen will say that Austria will not be given any money to recover from covid hysteria either.

And it will be beautiful.

In the meantime, as an urgent measure, it was decided to strengthen the border fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border.

It is currently 175 km long and 4 m high, but is planned to be extended by 11 km and raised by one meter.

Austrian and Czech police will support the Hungarian police at this border, and additional technical equipment in the form of drones and thermal imaging cameras will also be placed there.

Austria will also support Serbia in the repatriation process.

Orban said they would hold additional meetings on the issue, noting that the issue of migration particularly affects Austria, Hungary and Serbia: "We are suffering from illegal migration: it costs time, money and energy."

The situation is getting more complicated and the numbers are more and more alarming, he said.

Against the background of the conflict in Ukraine and the energy crisis, the issue of migration has received little attention.

Hungary is burdened with migration both from the south and from the east, and in the east because of the situation in Ukraine.

In the south, the route through the Western Balkans presents a particular problem.

Vučić, in turn, noted that Serbia is a poorer country than Austria and Hungary, which is why it is particularly affected by the current problems of the energy crisis and migration: “I think next winter will present us with special challenges.”

Serbia is also the first country to receive refugees from Ukraine and other non-EU countries.

Although, for example, readers of Austrian newspapers have their own effective recipe for stopping migration: "Stop payments to refugees and the social package - and no one will come at all."


But the problem concerns not only the EU, but also, say, the former EU: UK Home Secretary Swella Braverman made a speech that in 2022 more than 30,000 migrants arrived on the British shores of the English Channel, which is ten times more than in 2018.

The Minister pointed out that one of the reasons for this was the law on modern slavery, which was passed by the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May: “Now the majority of people (about 80%) coming here from Albania in small boats claim to be victims of modern slavery ".


And how did you want?

If they had said that they would only accept transgender people, then 80% of those who wished to sail would have sailed in women's fishnet stockings.

And here's what's interesting: the reason for the migration crisis last year, the former head of the British Ministry of Internal Affairs, Priti Patel, called the fact that the EU has no protection at the borders.

And who do we have there?

Ahh, Serbia and Hungary, who, as soon as they raise the issue of protecting the borders, the EU calls them nationalists who want to destroy the EU.

And the fairy tale about the white bull goes to the next round.

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