October 4, 2022

King Charles III makes a joke about his finicky pen

If the British do not hesitate to criticize their king, they cannot blame him for not having a sense of humor.

While visiting Dunfermline, Scotland, with his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, Charles III made a self-deprecating remark when asked to sign a book of gold.

"These things can have a tough temper," he remarked, speaking of his pen.

A reference, of course, to the viral video where the king last month was filmed getting copiously riled up over a leaky pen.

A way to release the tension after several weeks of a difficult start to the reign.

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Lorde called to order during the municipal election  

Elections in New Zealand are no joke.

Lorde learned this the hard way when she wanted to encourage her 9.5 million followers to vote in the municipal elections in Auckland.

“I am proud to vote for (…) to become mayor of Auckland”, wrote the singer of


in the caption of a photo where we see her presenting her ballot, as relayed by the NME.

Enough to annoy the New Zealand Electoral Commission, if we are to believe his following message.

"Okay, so the Election Commission kicked me out because you're not allowed to post anything about who you're going to vote on or show voting papers.

So, uh, you know – the message still stands… Go vote,” she rejoined.


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